Q-1: What is the procedure of buying used vehicles from Car Junction? show
Q#2: How does Car Junction provide vehicles at cheaper prices as compared to other companies in the market? show
Q#3: What is the condition of the vehicles at Car Junction? show
Q#5: How can I get Pro forma invoice? show
Q#6: Who is supposed to answer my queries? show
Q#7: How come a 5 years or older model vehicle carry a low mileage? show
Q#8: In which countries do you export your vehicles? show
Q#9: Do you have any system to check up the car? show


Q#10: How can I place my order? show
Q#11: How can i print / get pro forma invoice? show
Q#12: What happens if the vehicle I selected appeared to be “Sold” to another customer? show


Q#13: How to purchase a Japanese vehicle which is not listed in Stock? show


Q#14: What kind of maintenance service do you provide on Japanese vehicles? show
Q#15: What kind of maintenance works do I have to do after the vehicles is delivered? show
Q#16: Is there any damage or problem in your Japanese car? show


Q#17: How is shipment arranged? show
Q#18: How do I find my port of discharge? show
Q#19: How do I clear my Japanese vehicle from the Port? show
Q#20: What Documentation/ Information do you require from me after i have transferred the amount into your bank account? show
Q#21: What shipping documents will I receive? show
Q#22: Can I insure my shipment? show
Q#23: How fast can you ship my Japanese car? show
Q#24: When will I receive my shipping documents? show
Q#25: How will I come to know the shipment date of my vehicle? show


Q#26: What is the payment method? show
Q#27: What are FOB & CIF prices? show
Q#28: Why are there Inspection charges? show
Q#29: What type of insurance do you provide? show
Q#30: Does the price of the Japanese vehicle include Freight charges? show
Q#31: Do you accept payment through Credit Card or Letter of Credit? show
Q#32: What are the terms of payment? show
Q#33: How can I trust you and pay you 100% in advance? show
Q#34: What is your bank account information? show
Q#35: What currencies do you accept for payment? show


Q#36: Can I get the Invitation Letter for visa purposes? show
Q#37: How many days will it take to deliver my vehicle (Port to Port)? show
Q#38: When and what documents will I receive? show
Q#39: What are ETA and ETD? show
Q#40: Is it possible to import a used car from Japan into my country? show


Q#41: Can you find a specific Japanese car for me? show
Q#42: Can you find a left hand drive for me? show


Q#43: Do you provide any warranty for the Japanese used vehicles? show


Q#44: How do I receive a vehicle at the port? show

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