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Motor Grader

Grader or Motor Grader is a self-propelled heavy machine with an adjustable blade or set of blades for maintaining even, flat and smooth surface structure during industrial or non-industrial constructions, that is the reason this machine is also known as maintainer. These blades exist between front and rear axle.
In terms of functionality, experts of civil engineering state that the Motor grader's purpose is to "finish grade" precisely. According to them "rough grading" is performed by scrapers and bulldozers which is later followed by motor grading to achieve desired results.
In the construction of pave road motor grader has very important role, it is used to make the base core of surface even, before laying layers of asphalt on it.
There are two main types of motor graders, “Rigid Frame Motor Grader” and “Articulated Frame Motor Grader”. Rigid frame only has one axle and lack ability of turning to the sides but articulated motor grader has ability to move sideways due to extra hinge.
Motor graders are also used for scarifying i.e. is depletion of complete layer of soil and It is also used as snow removing equipment.
Mitsubishi is a Japanese manufacturer which is well known for its Motor Graders, Mitsubishi’s used Motor Graders are available at the stock of Car junction one of the oldest and reliable used automobile and machinery provider. For any further information you can contact our online customer service representatives.


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