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2000 Sakai / TW500W Roller Stock No. 78569
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 Komatsu / JW33 Road Roller Stock No. 60345
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Roller / Compactor

Roller is renowned heavy construction equipment which is used for compressing the surface of land or asphalt or concrete for making it smooth and even. Its working principle is based on usage of mechanical energy to get the work done by applying direct forces on the subjected layers.
Mostly these heavy rollers are used, while making simple or carpeted roads, hill-ways, and runways or to smooth land for any other purpose which maybe agricultural or industrial. Efficiency and effectiveness of rollers totally depend upon their weight. More heavy rollers are comparatively more efficient than lighter ones.
In process of compressing and smoothening road rollers use the weight of the vehicle itself to treat the surface under rolling (static) or use mechanical advantage i.e. (vibrating).Initially in the first part of road making usually pad foot drum rollers are used to achieve higher compaction.
Currently there are many different types of rollers available in the market used for different and specifics tasks. The four major types are Vibrating rollers, Tamping rollers, Smooth wheel and pneumatic tired rollers.
Vibrating rollers are used to reduce the air voids to dense the granular soil. By vibration or oscillation these rollers achieve re-arrangement of soil particles which results in smooth and even surface.
Sheep foot rollers have many square boots in its drum which apply static pressure on the surface.
Smooth wheel rollers have same characteristics as vibrating rollers and Pneumatic rollers are used for more précised work. It has many rubber tires.
Japanese rollers are preferred all around the world as they are known for their reliability and durability. Used Japanese rollers are affordable and equally reliable as new ones. So if you want any further details you can contact our online sales representatives as they are available 24/7 to serve you.
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